People often ask us “What is “Comoncy?” Quite simply, it means coming together to share the things we love most- good food, good coffee & good company. The desire to share our passion for these three things serves as the “WHY” behind everything we do.

Our doors officially opened in February of 2014, and since then, our skilled baristas have been serving up the finest espressos and coffee beverages, using locally roasted coffee beans and custom-built 3rd wave coffee gadgetry. In the back of the house, our Head Chef, Joseph Gillard, has been busy curating our menu and preparing dishes that exemplify his passion for farm-to-table cuisine.

Our team at Comoncy would like to personally invite you to stop by, whether you are craving a bite and a beverage, or simply just want to say hello. Come be a part of the growing, vibrant community that we call Comoncy. Sip. Bite. Enjoy.